It can be difficult for entrepreneurs to have a good work-life balance. If you’re working 16-hour days to get or keep your business going, you’ve probably forgotten what it’s like to get a good night’s sleep and to have a day off.

Why is rest so important to your business success?

Busyness is thought to be good, but is it?

In Proverbs, the author compares a sluggard to the ant, telling the reader to consider the ant’s “ways and be wise.” Even in ancient times, busyness was praised. Today, people are praised for being in demand. If we aren’t busy and frenetic, something seems wrong. But when you’re so focused on your business that you ignore rest and relationships for that work-life balance, it takes a toll.

Take breaks for productivity

When you work all day, every day, it robs you of time to refresh your body and mind. Short rest periods can actually make you more productive. If you’re addicted to a fast-paced workday, taking short breaks can help you change your mentality. It can prevent decision fatigue and help you be more creative. You can’t stay on the treadmill of life without stepping off now and then to rest.

Take care of your body

Rest and relaxation aren’t just about sitting on the couch binging on Netflix. You can rest from work by exercising and enjoying life. Remember why you started your business by spending time with those you love. Physical exertion can help you sleep better, letting your mind refresh itself to refocus on problems the next day.

Give yourself a break from electronics

Go device-free for one day every week. It’s not easy to take a break from email and social media, but it will give you time to reflect and refresh.

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