If your small business is like most start-ups, you’ve probably recognized the difficultly of generating a customer base without much experience under your belt. This is because, albeit wrong, for a lot of people, a small business can appear unprofessional amid the larger, more recognizable brands. However, in today’s day and age, there are many ways a small business can seem more well-established. Here are 5 ways to make your small business appear larger.

1. Create a Personalized Email Address

When a customer looks at your contact info, the more nonspecific email addresses out there can make your company appear less than a profession. The price of a personalized address, with your small business name replacing the generic mailbox title, will do a lot in making your company look more respectable.

2. Utilize Online Automation Tools

No matter your business, chances are there are a number of tasks that online automation tools can help you with. Many are free or of little cost to you, allowing you to streamline a number of elements within your small business such as accounting, customer service, and even social media.

3. Lease a Virtual Office

Another way you can make your small business appear large is by renting virtual office space. This ensures that, among other perks, your business has access to accommodations such as spacious boardrooms, a waiting area, and more.

4. Spend Money Branding

If you’re looking to create more buzz and recognition for your company, paying for quality business cards, flyers, and eye-catching logos can be an excellent way to promote your small business. These expenses don’t have to be costly. Furthering your online presence with a well-maintained website with exceptional graphics and killer copy will only increase the size and professional appearance of your small business.

5. Don’t Underestimate Social Media

A well-established following on social media can increase your company’s online presence immensely. While gaining followers doesn’t happen overnight, spending a consistent amount of time online promoting your brand and services will only boost your company’s recognition. If you’re having trouble acquiring an online presence, try networking with other online companies and influencers who are familiar with your customer base. Engaging in discussions with these influencers online will add greater visibility to your company with each post.

In the end, anything worth doing requires time and effort to ensure a favorable outcome. By stepping out of your comfort zone and utilizing the tools available to you, you will increase your business’s influence, and therefore, success.