Small Business Loan


An SBA loan can be the perfect financial solution for developing or expanding your business.

Finance Your Future with a Small Business Loan

Integrity Financial Capital in conjunction with the Small Business Administration offers a small business loan program that can help finance your business endeavors. Whether purchasing, renovating, building or even refinancing, an SBA loan can be the perfect financial solution for developing or expanding your business.

Loan Basics and Qualifications

In an effort to judge dependability against liability, Integrity requires extensive review of cash flows and management practices in addition to the analysis of other financial records and documentation. In general, a business can be prequalified within 48 hours with full approval time depending on financial and operational review.

Benefits and Usage

While full loan approval comes with the benefit of full amortization with no balloon payments, Integrity also offers no penalties on early repayment. Additionally, as Integrity’s small business loan program is tied to the SBA, the financing you receive can be used for purchases relating to property and equipment.

Property and Equipment Financing

A small business loan can be used to help new or existing businesses by financing any of several areas:

  • Purchase
  • Construction
  • Renovation
  • Refinance

Beyond financing location development and overhauls, an SBA loan can help with the funding and purchase of specialized equipment, i.e.,

  • Manufacturing tools
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Medical Machinery
  • Vehicles

Loan Caps and Terms

Here at Integrity Financial Capital, we offer a loan cap of $5 million for qualified businesses, and we provide term lengths of 15 or 25 years. Most loans are 15 years with 80 percent financing, but for the right candidate, we may be able to offer a 25-year term with full amortization and 90 percent financing. Also, we offer both fixed and variable rates depending on the loan program you chose, 7a or 504.

A small business loan can provide the financing for your business, allowing for growth and further opportunity. Find out more about our SBA loan programs by calling Integrity Financial today.