Merchant Cash Advance


A loan based on past performance and projected earnings of credit card sales

Merchant Cash Advance: Using Future Sales to Fund Your Business

If your business operates in a volatile market or one prone to the fluidity of overall economic performance, then it may be difficult to obtain a traditional loan. Here at Integrity Financial Capital, we understand your plight and offer a potential solution: a merchant cash advance. This loan is dependent on the performance of your merchant account – credit card sales – and the future expected sales of that account.

Understanding a Merchant Cash Advance

As this type of loan is based on past performance and projected earnings of credit card sales, the qualification process is somewhat easier than traditional small business loans. Perfect credit is not a necessity when dealing with cash advances, and business owners may qualify even if turned down for other types of loans. Additionally, businesses may qualify for an advance of up to $200,000 for each location.

Reaping the Benefits of an Advance

While traditional loans require significant time, money and paperwork, a cash advance is more straightforward and provides a litany of benefits for many situations.

  • Quick approval process
  • No hidden fees, closing costs or fixed payments
  • Funds arrive quickly
  • No spending restrictions
  • Minimal paperwork
  • No collateral necessary

Whether due to your chosen market or less than perfect credit, a merchant cash advance is a viable option for businesses that struggle to obtain traditional loans. If you are interested in discussing what a cash advance can do for your business, then contact one of our financial service representatives today.