In this modern era, access to technology makes work always accessible. It’s easier than ever to work more and more hours, which increases stress and damages your health, personal relationships, and overall contentment.

Here are some tips on attaining a work-life balance that preserves both well-being and productivity.

Start With Small Steps

Some people find it difficult to begin creating a better work-life balance because they think they have to do it all at once. Instead, start slowly and build up from there. For instance, if you’re working too many hours, don’t cut them drastically. Shave off a few hours a week until you’ve got them down to the level you want to sustain.

Don’t Try to Be Perfect

It’s fine to strive for excellence, but perfectionism is counterproductive. Attempting to reach an impossible ideal, especially when your responsibilities increase with age and experience, causes you to work harder and harder until you burn out. Do as much as you can during your workday, and save the rest for tomorrow.

Rethink Your Priorities

If you have too much on your plate, focus on your priorities and plan your schedule around what only you can do. Consider outsourcing or delegating work that can be done by others. Additionally, minimize distractions that are unproductive. Surf the net and answer emails during predetermined blocks of time. Avoid time wasting chats during work hours, and politely decline invitations for drinks after work if you have a heavy load the next day.

Disconnect From Technology

When your workday is over, don’t continue to communicate with office personnel on business matters. Instead, unplug, shut off your phone, and enjoy recreational activities and time with your family.

Exercise Regularly

A regular schedule of exercise is imperative to those who spend most of their workday indoors at desks. Exercise reduces stress, improves your mood, calms your mind, and gives you an overall feeling of well-being. Make time a few hours a week for visits to the gym, a yoga regimen, long walks, or other forms of physical exertion.

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